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What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

Our experience and strategies have assisted our clients to appear on top 3 Google search results. You can test this for yourself and on your own computer. Google constantly changes algorithm to provide better answer for the consumers. Regardless of many changes Google has made within the past few years, our clients have kept their position on top or search results!


It all begins with your website and how you have configured your site. Everyone has heard of keywords, but understanding the importance of implementation of your keywords to build your site is a whole different matter. How search engines look at your site, and their interpretation of your site requires in depth knowledge of website development. So in order to develop a website, we have to understand:

  • Site & page architecture
  • Link structure management & monitoring
  • Redirect strategy & system response codes
  • Content strategy - balancing traffic driving & customer experience including:
    • Keyword research & monitoring
    • Onsite content strategy
    • Offsite distribution strategy & cultivation
    • Inbound link development strategies
  • Managing and improving organic traffic growth
  • Solid data analysis skills and ability to identify actionable insights
  • XML sitemaps, shopping feeds
  • Conducting performance investigations
  • Reporting - compiling requirements and management of performance reporting
  • Implement ideas and delivery
  • Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and Java Script
  • Knowledge to develop reports that communicate SEO KPI's and channel performance
  • Competitive analysis and benchmarking
  • Strong knowledge of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Webmaster Tools

Can You Do Your Own SEO?
Lets assume you know everything about search engine optimization (SEO). This is an extremely time consuming process. As a business owner you have to decide on how to spend your time and effort to have a successful business. So if your specialty is sale, then its wise to have a dependable and SEO professional to take care of that responsibility for you.

What Is The Cost Of SEO?
Consider SEO as an employee who have to travel all over the state to introduce your products to the consumer. We all like to be the first on Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN search. 90% of consumer will pay attention to the first 5 listings of search results. Knowing this, a simple search can make you be visible to millions. If you are a local business owner and you are not interested in nationwide clients, same SEO knowledge and tactics can be applied to your geographical location. Because you have a more focused product or geographical market, it will cost you much less to promote you and make you become more visible to search engines.

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Consumers are finding all the information they need themselves by searching the Web, reading the blogs and news, plus they can question their concerns on social networks. As the result, they are more knowledgeable about their needs. How can we convert our internet consumers to become our clients?

The Importance of Having an Organic Website Design

The world population now stands at 7.3 billion and still growing by the second. Among those billions of people, the most recent statistical report says that there are now 3.17 billion internet users from all over the world. Place a billboard on a major highway and you might get the attention of a few hundred or thousand people within several days. Establish your online presence and you can tap on multi-billion internet users who might just be potential consumers for your business. This is a great opportunity for you to reach out to many potential customers, and if done right, you can only expect success for your business. Contact a company that provides a team of professional and reliable web designers and/or developers to help you come up with your very own digital platform.

Now, you just don’t get to a billion or even a couple of hundred users by simply having a website set up. You website design is the key, and you must also give importance to search engine optimization or SEO. If you are new to all this or even if you already have an existing website but you’re looking for ways on how to improve your impact to these internet users, then a team of experts would most definitely be able to help you out. It doesn’t matter if you have the most professional looking website and tons of information, products and/or services that potential consumers would need, if they are unable to land on your website, then all the effort is useless.

How to Get Visitors for Your Website

You have probably heard of some companies that offer this much website visitors to get you enough hits. However, if you are aiming to increase your revenue by making actual sales through your website, then these “purchased” visitors would do you no good. You may also take advantage of PPC or Pay Per Click options where you pay a search engine to have your website advertised. This is a good thing too because you get actual people who are searching for information, products and/or services that you offer to come visit your website. However, there are limitations that come with PPC, which we will discuss later on. Probably the most effective way to establish an excellent online presence is by having an organically designed website. This gives focus on SEO and allows your website to appear on search results on engines such as Google.

Limitations and Disadvantages of Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you have plenty of funds on your marketing budget and if you want to introduce your website to a wide range of users quickly, Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great option. However, it’s not always the best option for various reasons and here are just a few of them:

Pay Per Click is Expensive

Advertising through PPC will use up a significant part of your company’s marketing budget without any guarantee that a website visitor will actually make a purchase for your product and/or service. It doesn’t matter if a visitor just opened then closed the window to your site in a matter of seconds; you still have to pay up. You can find yourself spending thousands of dollars in just one day because of Pay Per Click advertising and consider yourself lucky if you made even a couple of sales.

Not Everybody Likes Advertisements

Say for example you provide locksmith services in New York City and a potential customer types on Google “locksmith New York City”. With PPC, your website will probably appear as a “sponsored” or “AD” post on top of search results. However, most customers would rather click on the first unsponsored search result because they feel like ads could sometimes be spam or they could be welcomed with series of pop-ups that nobody ever likes. Your advertisement may also appear on other websites. Would you click on an ad that you saw on a random website? We bet not. With the risk of viruses, hackers and more, most users would probably go back to Google and make a search instead.

Pay Per Click is Just Too Complicated

You don’t need to push a customer into buying your product or service—that rarely works. If you have these huge PPC ads, customers will probably ignore you thinking you are some sort of spam or whatever else reason they may have. However, if your site appears when they search for information about services you offer, then you will probably get their business. They will surely be impressed by the fact that your business website is on the first page of search results, and your competitor is somewhere on the next few pages. While in some cases being the first search result could be as simple as your website has a better organic design and has applied SEO practices perfectly, to some customers this could mean that you’re the best in the business.


Be on the top of Google search results.

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It all starts by learning your business, and how clients relate to your online business. Modifying your website (or design website) to reflect the way search engines (Google SEO) will evaluate your site is the key. In addition, understanding your online business competition and their related online advertising and analytics will help you excel your SEO (search engine optimization) and ROI.

Whether you need a new website designed, your current website redesigned, or guaranteed SEO ranking, we are your perfect partner in Denver Colorado.

Each business is different. That is why we treat our search engine marketing and SEO very seriously based on your competition, demographic.....

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