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mobile and responsive website design

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mobile and responsive website design

Mobile and responsive website design with great first impression, navigation, usability, quick loading, and most importantly SEO!

Target your potential clients on mobile devices!

Mobile Website Design in Colorado: An Essential for Businesses

Over the years the use of mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, to access the internet has grown at an unprecedented phase, quicker than what has been initially anticipated. For some, this is an indication of the slow death of using desktops for browsing as such is being replaced by their smaller counterparts, which offer flexibility and convenience. Sadly, even in spite of the popularity of these smaller gadgets, most of the websites today do not have a responsive website design. This simply means that they are not optimized to be used in mobile devices. When they are viewed with the use of a smartphone or tablet, they often appear distorted. This problem has given birth to the responsive website. Although not necessarily a new concept, many businesses, and their websites have yet to adapt to this trend. If not, there is a risk of being lagged behind by competitors who have already shifted into a mobile website.

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As a website design company we can manage all your web development and internet marketing in Denver Metro.

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Characteristics of a Mobile Website Design

One of its most important characteristics is that it is a responsive website. Meaning, the website comes with a flexible design. It will automatically adjust its scale and resolution based on the device that is being used. Whether you are using a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, the website can be viewed in full and in the absence of distortions.

More than just being responsive, an excellent mobile website comes with a purposeful branding. This means that the different elements of website design should complement each other in order to build a strong brand. From the graphic design to textual content, the website must be able to convey a strong message that will help in promoting a business in the online landscape.

Simplicity – this is another thing that is important for a mobile and responsive website. When users are using their mobile gadgets to access the internet, they have short attention span. With this, having an uncomplicated design that presents useful information in a manner that is straightforward is highly recommended.

When it comes to creating a website that is meant for mobile devices, aesthetics is not all that matters. More than creating an aesthetically-pleasing website design, one more thing that holds utmost importance is its speed, which means that the website must have a fast load time. Images and texts should be optimized in order to offer a more favorable browsing experience.

Lastly, a good mobile website comes with right-sized buttons that will allow users to take action, whether it is filling out a form, going to another page, or connecting to the company’s social media accounts. It should be designed in such a way that it will enable users to take action that is favorable for the business, such as lead generation or making a purchase.

Reasons to Have a Mobile Website Design

Why exactly should a business consider designing for mobile devices? Why is there a need to spend on such a thing? Well, there are countless reasons for such. Among others, however, the most important is that it improves user experience. This allows users to view the website in a single screen with all the contents having the right fit instead of looking like unorganized garbage. Consequently, this improved user-experience because of having an excellent website design leads into conversion. According to statistics 60% of mobile users who have encountered websites that are not mobile-friendly immediately leave and hence, decreasing conversion.

In relation to improving user experience, a mobile website also improves speed. Based on statistical data, 74% of users of mobile websites will leave if the page takes more than five seconds to load. With a mobile design, a website can be made in such a way that loading will be more instantaneous, and hence, lowering bounce rate.

In addition, a mobile website is also beneficial because it is SEO friendly. It is going to be more favored by Google, which increases the likelihood of appearing on top of the results in search engine sites. This improved ranking could translate into higher traffic, which is another thing that will have an impact on conversion rate.

Lastly, having a responsive website will make sure that you are not being left behind by the competition. It is something that is being done by almost anyone. Yes, it means additional cost as you have to pay a professional to create a well-crafted mobile website. In the end, however, it should be seen as a necessary investment in order to remain competitive, especially if you are operating in a saturated market.

Choosing a Website Design Company

If you are interested in having an effective mobile website, it is important to trust only the professionals. There are readymade templates that are being sold online. The problem, however, is that they will not allow you to make customizations based on your specific needs. With this, it is better to rely on paying the services of an expert and innovative web designers who can create designs that are tailored to fit your demands.

When looking for the best company for website design, one of the first things that should be done is to consider the opinions and feedbacks of other people. You can go online or ask for recommendations from people you personally know. Through their experiences, it will be easier to weigh the pros and cons of the choices that you will be confronted with.

To evaluate how they are suited for your requirements, take a look at their portfolio, which is often available in their own website. You can also ask them about the clients they have had in the past and take a look at their designs.

Price, of course, is an essential consideration. Ask for quotes from multiple designers of a responsive website and choose one that is suited for your allotted budget.

Before you reach a decision, talk to a representative of the company. Communication is essential to let them know what are your end goals and to see if they can indeed deliver what you want.

At the end of the day, choose one with a solid track record, proven experience, favorable feedbacks, and the price you can afford.

Are you starting a new business and need a website?

As a business owner, you have a big responsibility and many tasks such as business fillings, registration.....We are an extension to your business to help individuals with great startup experience. It is the most important part of your business to have a partner who manages all your marketing tools in one place. This way, if you ever need a copy of a logo or an advertisement, there is one location that has been managing your data. This will help you update information which may be effected in many sales and marketing materials.

Website trouble shooting?

Evaluate your website and fix broken links (if any) fast and reliable. Website weakness can be improved by SEO (search Engine Optimization) and content enhancements. Website maintenance and updates can be implemented to improve your website ranking.

  • Update to your existing website
  • Improve your website ranking and performance
  • Create sensible website
  • Fix troubled and broken (links) website
  • Improve website traffic
  • Learn about the weaknesses of your website
  • Websites with E-commerce website development for online store

It's never too late to start with our experts in website design, PPC, and Google Adwords nationwide.

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Website design rental website design engraver and website design wood crafters website design westminster website design best website design Westminster website design import export website design Hair salon website design instrumentation website design mechanic website design agriculture website design lawyer web design
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